Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blogging Standstill

Michaela: skid marks aplenty
Maeve: pees great in the potty and poops in her underwear
Alasdair: 2 good poohs

I think i'm losing my mind, seriously. I can't keep up with punishing my kids every 5 minutes, so I definitely haven't had time to blog. Things are pretty normal though. Michaela's totally ADD, which i'm slowly coming to terms with, and still crapping her pants constantly. Maeve is now a professional at going in the potty, as long as it's not solid. We haven't mastered that yet. And Doodie is pooping right along, no diaper rash and nothing too funky.

But my 7 year old, OMG. I'm ready to wring her neck. Here's her list of "issues" currently:

Can't follow directions
Doesn't pay attention in school
Doesn't finish her school work
Talks and interrupts
Can't remember to put anything away
Can't remember that my floor is not a trash can
Can't remember to do her homework
Can't remember to do chores
Poops her pants
Can't answer any question unless the answer is "i don't know"
Can't sit still to save her life
Can't stop screaming at her sister and brother
Has no volume control whatsoever
Can't get herself ready for school in the morning

there's more, but there's probably a character limit on blogspot. I'm so torn. I can't decide if she's just 7 and maybe immature or if she might need a trip to the doc and a diagnosis of ADD. It's not something I'm taking lightly, but i'm at my wits end with her. I don't know how to parent her successfully and it's not good for anyone in our house. I didn't just decide she's a pain in the @$$ and chalk it up to ADD, but every day I'm more and more convinced that her behavior isn't normal.

Anyway, I shouldn't be the only person in our house medicating themselves to stay sane, should I? Misery loves company!!

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