Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's been a hazy day

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 0?
Alasdair: 2, i think

I don't remember changing anything poopy from Maeve today. 3 wet pairs of panties, pants/skirts and 1 pee soaked towel? Yes. Doodie, i think i changed one of his and Mike changed one. Honestly, those were the only two diaper changes he even had today. I was bogged down with work stuff and Maeve and Doodie seriously fought and cried and whined all friggin day long. By the time dinner came around I was DONE. After I got them all bathed and jammied I snuck out and went to do some laps at the pool. When I got home we cleaned up the kitchen and living room and I feel a lot better.

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually remember to change the kids diapers and have maeve sit on the potty before she piddles on my floor again. :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

I really hate potty training

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 2, one of them in her undies
Alasdair: 1

Last night after bath, Maeve insisted on wearing her strawberry panties. but since we're nowhere near being able to wear undies at night instead of a pull-up, we compromised. She wore the panties underneath her pull-up! Of course this morning she had peed in them both. Later on we were at the Y, Maeve in daycare w/Doodie and I was in the gym working out with my friend. Just as we were leaving we walked into the hall and saw one of the teachers walking Maeve toward us, her pants full of a huge ball of pooh. Apparently, they don't "do" poopy diapers in there. Later on after nap and we picked up Michaela from school, Maeve wanted undies again, so we put them on. She pooped in them.

I hate the whole poopy undies thing. I never know what to do with them, and I can't be washing a load of laundry that has 3 pairs of size 2T panties in it. I really hate potty training. I'd gladly pay for someone else to do it for me. I guess that's what full-time daycare is for, huh? I had that luxury with Michaela, but I'm on my own with the little ones.

The nice thing is that Doodie wants in on the action already. Every time we coax Maeve onto the potty and give her a jelly bean, he wants to sit on it too. So we give him a jelly bean. I mean, ONE of my kids has to be easy and successful to train, right? The odds are in my favor. It wasn't Michaela, I thought it would be Maeve until her stubborn streak kicked in full force, so Doodie's left. HD or no, he will be easy!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day out on the town

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 1
Alasdair: 1

It was a quiet diaper day today, which is good. Because last night we had Michaela's 7th birthday party. We had 19 kids, and it started at 8 PM. Late. But it was way fun. It was at a local bouncy house place. We let the kids jump themselves ragged, stuffed them full of cake and then sent them on their way. All except my niece and by friend's two kids. The spent the night. We brought them home and got them all ready for bed and plugged in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. at 12:45 a.m. my sister and I went to bed. The kids zonked out at about 1:15 or so. Then they got up this morning at SEVEN A.M. WTF??? And we had a busy day planned. I took them all down to the Pacific Science center to watch a 3-D movie, we had lunch at McDonalds and then back to play at the center. Afterwards we got some Seattle Fudge and headed home. They were plum tuckered out, and frankly so was I. None of the kids got naps, including Doodie. We weren't on the freeway more than 5 minutes before 4 of the 5 kids were asleep. Michaela lasted until we got about half way home.

If I had had to change more than 2 poopie diapers today I think I would have just laid down and cried. :) It was a good day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

It's been almost a month?? Seriously?

Michaela: been having small accidents lately
Maeve: regular
Alasdair: regular, but with some tiny rash issues lately

So, things have been wildly crazy at my house lately. It's a March Madness of another kind. I know 11 close friends and family that have birthdays in March. That means a good portion of our evenings are taken up preparing for parties and get togethers. I know. It's rough. Plus, Mike and I are trying hard to make time for being with the family instead of out running around town. And we've made a pact to turn the TV and laptops OFF until after the kids go to bed, which seriously puts a damper on my blogging time.

Nevertheless, i will make time to blog about poop for 5 minutes in the evenings. I mean, it's not that hard, right? :)

Kid updates:

Michaela - we've switched her from cow's milk to soy. We had to try like 6 brands to find a one that she could tolerate the taste of. She's so picky. I don't know where she gets it. I also have her taking a probiotic every day. So far I don't see any change. Last weekend I gave her an adult does of Milk of Magnesia which is supposed to cause a bm in 6 hours or less. 24 hours later she finally went, but only once. So the next day I gave her some mineral oil. That helped her go a few more times, but she's still not unconstipated. We have her well child check up in a few weeks. I'm going to ask for a referral to a GI.

Maeve - she's been complaining of her tummy hurting almost every day for about 3 weeks now. I'm actually thinking she might be backed up too. Her poo is starting to smell pretty bad, it's got a weird consistency to it, and I think her tummy is distended a bit. Ugh.

Alasdair - you know, the one with Hirschsprung's Disease is the one who is doing fine. He's still skinny as all get out, but he's pooping like a champ. We're still pumping him full of as many calories as we possibly can every day, he's growing, but still doesn't weigh much. It worries me, but he still seems healthy. I'll just have to get used to a not-fat baby. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

lots of little ones today

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 1
Alasdair: 5

Doodie has been just passing these little tiny squirts of poo all day today. Not sure what that's about. It's still not the normal color or consistency, but it's getting closer. I'm not sure if maybe he has a tummy ache? He went to sleep last night at like 8:30 or so, slept for about an hour and then woke up upset. So we got him up because he was running a fever (although not as bad as the Saturday night fever) so we gave him some Motrin and a popscicle. He still wouldn't go to sleep so I brought him in bed with me. I pinned him down and after about an hour he fell asleep. 45 minutes later as I was finally drifting off, he startled himself awake and started screaming and flailing. I couldn't hold him down and he wasn't feverish anymore, not to mention I was really tired and not feeling well myself. So at 1:00 a.m. I put him in his bed to let him "cry it out". After about an hour of some serious crying he finally passed out. Maybe it was tummy related, I don't know. Babies are an enigma.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where has my life gone?

Michaela: 1 accident
Maeve: 2
Alasdair: 3

I mean, I can't even report daily poops lately! I feel like these last few weeks have just been crazy. Probably because the whole family STILL has the plague and we just can't seem to kick it. Oh well.

In short, Michaela's all backed up. Tomorrow i'm going to try a new soy milk with her and also get her started on probiotics. Maeve is just cranky in general, and Doodie is still pooping out the antibiotic poops, but they are getting better. Although 3 days after he finished those meds he started running a fever of 102.5. Geez.

Anyway, my husband found this on the interweb and i thought it was pretty funny, and fitting! Maybe I can get Maeve potty trained with one of these! SaWEET :D