Monday, September 27, 2010

Learning Curve

Today my little ones had soccer practice. Afterwards Michaela tells me she thinks she's carsick, after a 10 minute car ride, that her tummy hurts. We get home and I slam out some dinner. She cleans her plate and then tells me that her tummy still hurts. She thinks it's because she ate dinner and then went up and down the stairs two times.

Michaela, that much exercise isn't going to make your tummy hurt.


You probably need to poop.


{brief interlude while she uses the facilities}

Mom! I pooped! A lot!

Does your tummy feel better?


See, when your tummy hurts, try to poop. You'll feel better, I promise!


This is a conversation we have at least once a week, if not more. She's 8 1/2. You'd think that at some point she would realize that whatever "that feeling" is for her, it means she has to use the bathroom. But nope. I feel like somewhere along the way we forgot to let her touch the hot stove so she'd learn that hot = ouch.

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