Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free Diapers!!

Well, not for me. But maybe for you!

I learned that in some states if you have a child over 3 that has a medical reason for delayed potty training, it becomes classified as "incontinence", which then makes diapers a medical supply! My insurance doesn't cover it apparently. It's not in our "contract". But for others out there it might be something to look in to. Pass it on!

I started Alasdair on laxative last night. I'm hoping to get him back to a more regular bm schedule. Michaela continues to have tummy aches that are relieved by using the bathroom. I can't seem to get a laxative into her system so that it doesn't affect school or soccer. I'd hate for her to have it kick in on the field or in class or something. So she's still doing the miralax (or the Costco version of it), and i'm trying to increase that to see if it will help in the meantime.

I also ate the entire bag of Alasdair's bribe candy. I mean, you can NOT leave a bag, either open or unopen, in my house. I will find it and I will consume it. I'll have to get him his own bag of something less appealing to me and just keep the candy corns and candy corn pumpkins for myself!

mmmm, Halloweenie goodness.....

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