Monday, October 4, 2010

Two On, One Off

Michaela and Alasdair are both back on the senna laxative for now. And it seems to be working. Things are moving right along. With any luck it will be just a couple of weeks and I can get them off of it. I hate having to use the laxative. I'm not sure why I have such an aversion to it as opposed to any other meds that the kids take for constipation, I just do.

Alasdair has had some pretty nasty diapers though. With all the fresh fruit he eats, then the laxative on top of it, they are just caustic. There aren't many things worse than trying to change your child's diaper or give them a bath while they are screaming in pain. And you HAVE to either wipe or soak to get them clean. And I'm sure it feels like I'm using sandpaper. I hate watching him waddle around because his thighs are raw and chaffed because of the extra full diapers and it hurts for him to walk. I hate that there is no "how to" manual for Hirschsprung's Disease once you come home post surgery. I feel like the success that families have comes with so much trial and error, and constant second guessing yourself. And once you do figure out what works for you, things change. It's a constant battle managing HD.

Some days Hirschsprung's Disease seems like the worst thing ever.

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