Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cream Analysis

Michaela: no accidents!
Maeve: 2 AND we peed on the potty again this morning, yay!
Alasdair: 6

I'm pretty sure I should own some stock in Desitin. Even with the market being as crazy as it is, I know I'll never be able to stop buying the butt cream. I'm sure we could keep them in business.

Here's a list of some creams that we have tried and my thoughts on them:

Original Desitin* - The BEST, and the best value. It actually sticks to their bottoms and doesn't disappear the minute they pee. Plus, it's got the highest percentage of zinc oxide in it than any other brand. Most brands are like 10% and this is 40%.
Creamy Desitin - Disappears the minute they pee. I don't like any "creamy" creams. I just don't see the point. If it's so easy to wipe off, then how is it protecting their bums?
Desitin Clear - This is just glorified Vaseline. Don't buy it. DON'T.
Triple Paste - This is pretty good stuff, but at more than $30 for the tub (yes, I buy in TUBS), I can get the same results with the Original Desitin.
Boudreaux's Butt Paste - Not worth the money. It smells nice, but it's so runny. It just doesn't do the job on an HD kid. Maybe it would work with a typical baby's rash.
Aveeno - No.
A+D - No.
Burt's Bees - again, it's nice and it's natural, but it's consistency is just too runny to do any good.
Ilex* - This is a specialized barrier cream that you can't just buy on the shelf with these other creams. I got it from the hospital before we left, and then they gave me more at one of our check-ups. But you can order it online if you're in the US, or you can ask your Pharmacist to order it for you. If your little one has the nasty HD rash that is weeping or bleeding, give this a try! Tomorrow I'll post instructions on the Ilex as it's not as simple as just applying it. But this clears up even our worst rashes in about 24 - 36 hours. It's amazing!

*I was not paid a fee for my support of these creams. :)

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