Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Spreading

Michaela: no accidents!
Maeve: 2
Alasdair: 2

Boy. Maeve's got something nasty going on. I don't usually have to hold my breath changing diapers, but I sure as heck did today! Gross.

On another note, Alasdair had his check-up with the Dietician at Children's Hospital today. He's been having "issues" with weight gain. He's never followed any growth curve. When he was born he was near the 50th percentile for weight and steadily decreased until he fell off the growth chart at about 1 year of age. Our pediatrician did a blood workup and it came back fine, so he left it alone. But our surgeon at Children's who did A's pull-through surgery was not fully convinced. He wanted to be sure that it wasn't anything related to his HD that might be causing poor weight gain. So he sent us to the Dietician. 3 months ago we saw her and she said A looked fine and healthy, but his height to weight ratio was not very good (meaning he was too tall and too skinny, have you SEEN his dad??). Anyway, she suggested keeping him on formula for a while and checking back in. So today we did that. His height-weight ratio was better, but I think that's because he was sort of scrunched up funny on the measuring table. Anyway, Alasdair is now OFFICIALLY over 20 pounds. 20.3 pounds to be exact. :) She told us to use up the formula and then try some other things to keep his calorie intake up. I think she just doesn't like the fact that we're still using a bottle for his formula, but no worries. Basically the sheets she gave us said we can feed him whatever the heck we want. We could feed the kid Taco Bell every night and they'd be fine with it. We can cook all his food in butter and fry it up in oil, add half and half to his breakfast cereal, and give him ice cream inbetween cookies or cake for dinner! :) I'm sure the girls will LOVE all the veggies that I'm making them eat while the baby feasts on candy for dinner. Good grief. But I've picked a bunch of the less offensive options to beef up his calories that the girls can also partake in, fairly guilt free.

So, overall good news today. Healthy bum and healthy skinny kid!

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