Monday, February 9, 2009

Back from a weekend away, poop free!

Michaela: no accidents with me! One small one with my sister.
Maeve: 2 today
Alasdair: 0 today

I wonder if that's why Doodie has been so crabby today. Maybe he needs to poop.

Anyway, i haven't posted for the last few days because my husband and I were away for the weekend on a retreat! It was the first time we've been away from all three kids for more than 12 hours EVER. While it wasn't a "fun" retreat or anything, it was still nice to not be woken up 5 times a night to plug the baby back in, or to be woken up by the crib banging against the walls. :)

I did miss them though. And there's nothing better than coming home to your kids who really missed you, too. Except not having to change diapers or smell poop for 48 hours!

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