Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Good Grief!

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 1
Alasdair: 3

Okay, with the first two nasties of the day, one for each kid, I would have sworn that they just didn't poop at all yesterday and saved it all for me today! But apparently that's not the case. DH says that Doodie pooped like 3 times just yesterday evening! I guess I've got to give this kid more cheese. :)

Of course, those poops came at really great times of the day. Since I was out last night I was really super tired today and I hit my wall at about 1:00 today. So I attempted to lay down and close my eyes for a half hour or so to recharge, but Dude woke up early from his nap. Even so, I was able to doze in and out while he banged toys on my face and read me books and such. Then Maeve woke up at 2, just as I was about to get up and get us all ready to go and pick up Michaela from school. But I just lay there and lay there. Finally I got up with about 2 minutes left to get all our shoes and socks on, get out the door and strap the kids in the car, but WAIT! Maeve's seriously poopy and I do NOT want that in my car. So I had to change her. Then I picked up the Dude and WAIT! He's poopy too! But his wasn't so bad. So we piled in the car and went to the school. When Michaela got in the car she's all, Ew! Something stinks! Yeah, I know.

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