Thursday, December 11, 2008

I think I missed a day...

Michaela: no accidents! Update: After publishing this post I noticed on my bathroom floor that there were TWO pair of soiled panties in there, just about Michaela's size I believe... I wish she'd at least tell me about them instead of leaving them on the floor. At least Alasdair didn't find them first!!
Maeve: 1
Alasdair: 1

The days are just flying by. I can't seem to keep track of anything anymore, much less poop.

So, today was an office day for me. Here's my second hand rundown:

From the sitter: Maeve had nothing, and Doodie had one small nugget.

A scene from my kitchen:

Scene: Mike is telling me the sitter's recap, then adding that since he's been home he changed a nasty one from Doodie and that Maeve dropped an asteroid.

Michaela: Maeve had an asteroid in her diaper?

Mike: Yep, she did.

Michaela: A REAL asteroid??

Mike: Yep, a real one. snicker

Michaela: Oh, so was it an asteroid that fit in her diaper?

Mike: Yep.

Michaela: It's not going to explode the house, right?

Ah, no promises, babe. I've seen what can happen in a Guthrie diaper!!

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