Monday, December 1, 2008

Doodie put the "Toy" in "Toilet"

Michaela: no accidents!
Maeve: 1
Alasdair: 2

So, here's how I spent the last 6 days. Yes, 6 days. Last Monday our toilet stopped effectively flushing. I mean, it wasn't overflowing, but it wasn't emptying out what we put in there either. We had to plunge it just to "flush" the water down, basically forcing it past the blockage. So first we start yelling at Michaela about using way too much toilet paper. I swear she uses half a roll of Charmin every time she poops. So we spent 2 days and 3 toilet plungers trying to unclog the toilet. No dice.

So, Mike's new theory is that Michaela threw a pair of underwear down the toilet, maybe because she had an accident or something. But I didn't think so. I mean, she's only 6. Her panties aren't that big, plus they're cotton, so we'd be able to plunge those out. My theory is it's a toy. Doodie LOVES to play in the toilet, throwing things in there, spooning water out, etc. And the toilet lock we bought is a total piece of crap. Half the time he walks out of the bathroom carrying the toilet lock.

So, I run to Lowes and by a toilet auger. I get the "home toilet auger" for $7 and change. We try and try and try to snake out the toilet, and we get some shards of pink and yellow somethings that float down into the bowl, but it's still clogged. After about 30 minutes we end up breaking the auger. Yep. No toy. Clogged toilet. Broken auger.

At this point, it's Wednesday night and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So we plan that on Friday or Saturday afternoon we'll remove the toilet and see what we can do. So, on Sunday (:D) I went down to Lowes to buy a new auger. We decided we'd try it the right way. I'm thinking we have like a rubber duckie or something in the toilet so the auger should really snag it so we can pull it out. I spend almost 30 bucks on the "Maintenance Toilet Auger" because it's bigger and hopefully we won't break it. We try and try and try, and again, nothing. So I go back to Lowes and get a wax ring. We drain and remove the toilet, shove the auger in up through the bottom of the toilet, and here's what we found:

It's a wooden carrot from our kitchenette with a ghost finger puppet jammed on top of it. We were never going to be able to auger that sucker out, nor shove it down through the pipe.

Now the toilet flushes! And now the bathroom door stays CLOSED.


Laurie said...

Not just a toy, but a pretend carrot wearing a puppet...I love kids. Sorry that was such a hassle, but it makes for a great story!!

Thanks for my morning chuckle!!

Rachel P said...

Too too funny!!!! Hannah is also fascinated with the toilet and toilet paper (she mainly just likes to eat TP). We've been keeping the bathroom door closed but lately she's learning how to open doorknobs....uh oh!