Monday, December 8, 2008

They struck again

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 1
Alasdair: 2

I had to take my husband's car to get the oil changed this morning, so after the kids and I got up, ate and got dressed we headed out to the car. Coats all on, backpack full of books and crayons, 1 diaper each with the wipes in my bag we head out. I pick up Doodie and walk down the deck stairs only to realize that he totally stinks. Damn. I tell the girls to get in the car while I head back in the house to change him and wash up. Then after we've been at the car place for about 15 minutes Maeve asks me where the bathroom is. WHAT?? Okay, so weird. So I ask her if she needs to go potty and she says YES!! Ureka! So I take her in there and pull down her pants and pull up. Yeah, I jumped the gun there on my excitement. A big pooh ball fell out onto the floor. So really she was just telling me that she had already gone and wanted to be changed. Oh well. Maybe next time. :)

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