Saturday, January 17, 2009

Maeve's on the fritz

Michaela: no accidents!
Maeve: 0
Alasdair: 2, with evidence of his poppy seed breakfast muffin

So, I was going to post that I didn't change one single poopy diaper today so I didn't really care what their counts were, but I got a call from my husband with an "emergency situation". (He's currently at a party with some friends and had to stop to call me.) Yeah, the "emergency situation" was his negligence in reporting the poop to me before he left. Somehow I think he needs to get his priorities figured out. ;)

But it seems that Maeve is on the fritz now. She's only been pooping about every other day which is not good. We've started giving her the Miralax now, too. I'm just not sure what it is with these kids. I think maybe we'll move out to the country so we can just put them all out to pasture. There's fiber in grass, right?

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