Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A bit of a backslide

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 2 pees in the potty, 2 poops and 2 pees in her panties
Alasdair: 2

Today was my first day back to the work grind after 11 days, so we need to get a new potty routine in place. I actually think when Maeve is more active, she's better at recognizing when she's got to go, as opposed to while she's losing herself in an episode or two of Dora the Explora. We'll get back on track though.

And then there's Doodie. I mentioned yesterday that his poops are just gross lately, and today was no different. But with pooh #2, we (I) left him in it a little too long. I put him up at the dinner table and he wouldn't even sit down because it hurt his bum. He squatted in his booster seat and ate. Once I got him cleaned off in the bath and dried off, I could see his whole scrotum is bright red. Poor baby. So I creamed him up with some Desitin and he was off. I think we can avoid the weepy rash. That usually stays pretty localized on his butt cheeks and doesn't get on his penis or balls, although they haven't been 100% unaffected. But this rash isn't so bad. We won't even need the Ilex.

Note: Best thing ever after sinus surgery? Sneezing. Close second: Blowing your nose. Don't take these things for granted people.

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