Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Does dog poop count?

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 1, 2 if the dog crap counts
Alasdair: 1

So, we went to pick Michaela up from school today and had to get the small crew out of the car because we had to go buy SCRIP inside the building. So I parked on the street next to a grassy hill. We got to the school, bought the goods and came out without incident. But then we got to the car and while I was putting Doodie in his seat the girls were running up and down the grassy hill. Okay, good. Michaela got in the car, Maeve got in the car. We got almost home and Maeve says, "I'm poopie." Of course, what else is new. So we pull up to the house and I get Maeve out of the car and see that she is indeed poopie. First I thought she pooped and it leaked all over her pants and shoes. Nope. It's dog doo. It's on her jeans, her shoes, her socks because she's wearing Crocs, her car seat and MY car seat. Gross.

I proceed to extract all the poopie items from the car, Resolve my car seat and decide to wash all the kids car seat covers. It's about time anyway. Then it dawns on me, "Michaela, did you know that Maeve stepped in dog poop BEFORE she got in the car?" After a long drawn out story about something or other, I heard one of the two words I was looking for. "Yes." ARGH. Seriously. I should have made her clean up the poop in my car.

The grossest thing is that I still have a sinus infection and can only smell the rot in my nose, so I can't even tell if my car stinks like dog crap. Even cleaning it up I couldn't smell it. I'll probably get on the bus tomorrow on my way to work and no one will sit with me because i smell like poop. Sweet.

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Megan said...

My name is Megan and I have a 10 month old boy w/ long segment HD. I love your blog! Your sooo funny! When my son was first born I looked online for any support groups and I couldn't find ANY! I've started a blog about my experiances and I would LOVE your input and advise! I am hoping that it will become a place for "experianced" moms to help new moms with their thoughts and fears. I would love it if you could comment with anything you know or have tried or anything!