Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now I've got Doodie trained too!

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 1 naptime accident and 1 poo in her panties
Alasdair: 2
No, not potty trained, but he did grab the bowl out of the potty chair after Maeve had used it, carried it into the bathroom (sloshing it all over the kitchen and bathroom floor), dumped it into the toilet and flushed! Nice. I pretty much don't have to do anything now. Michaela and Doodie will take care of everything for me. :)

On another note, I saw just about the cutest and most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen Maeve do tonight. I was cleaning up, Michaela was reading, Daddy's in bed (wtf??) and Maeve is taking care of Elmo. He took a nap on my kitchen rug that was dragged into the girls' room. He peed in the potty which required a wipe and an imaginary dump in the toilet/flushing, etc. He was at the table in Doodie's high chair with a bowl and a cup, but he was apparently "not eating his be-fest" according to Maeve. After that he needed a bath. Now, the bathtub was still draining (it's really slow) and I saw her go in there, but i figured she'd just pretend to wash him and maybe get some jammies on him or whatever, so I let her be. Two minutes later I hear the bathtub faucet turn on, so I yell from the living room for her to turn the water off and don't play in the bathtub.

(here's the heartbreaking part)

So Maeve comes tearing out of the bathroom into the living room and she's absolutely freaking out with fear, and she's saying "Elmo's dying!! Elmo's dying!!" I mean, she was terrified. You would have thought she birthed him herownself. So I had to run in there and rescue the drowning Elmo from the bathtub, wring him out and promise to give him a bath downstairs and get him all dry in the dryer.

(not our actual Elmo)

On one hand, it's freaking hilarious. But she was so geniunely scared and upset that I can't help but feel bad for her. Plus I'm in some weird way really proud of her having those kind of complex feelings and also understanding that water is dangerous. Huh. My amazing little 3 year old.

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