Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 1 pee accident, BUT she pooped in the potty again!
Alasdair: 2

Doodie's got something nasty going on in his tummy, and frankly so do I. I think between all the greens my dh has been cooking lately and my harsh meds for my sinuses, it's wreaking some havoc on my insides. I'm ready to head off to bed shortly so I can sleep through the awful gut feeling.

But before that I'm waiting for Maeve to pooh on the potty again! She was all tucked in and came running out saying she had to go poop. So now she's watching American Idol and watching her daddy to ab exercises in the living room while she gets inspired to "go". I'll send her back to her room shortly. She rarely poops at night, even if she does have to go.

But we continue to have lots of success going potty with Maeve, so I'm glad for that. Our diaper pail was only half full this week instead of overflowing!! Maybe we can even downsize our garbage can again. :)

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