Friday, April 3, 2009

Retro Post

Michaela: no accidents
Maeve: 1
Alasdair: 2ish

I didn't post last night because I seriously had the WORST NIGHT EVAR. Okay, I'm being a tad dramatic because I can name at least two other nights right now that were worse. But it was bad. I left work late and had to go get my kids from the Y. My friend who watches them brought them there and checked them into daycare with her kids while she took a class. I was able to squeak in a 45 minute workout, which was good. Then we got the kids and Maeve was poopy (naturally) and Michaela told me she had a headache. My first thought was, "she's going to puke". I think she gets migraines like her dad and more often than not when she has a headache it leads to vomiting. So anyway, we go to the cars, but not before stopping to get a piece of candy. M &M ate theirs quickly, Doodie let the chocolate melt all over his hands and face. We went to my friend's car to get Michaela's backpack, but Doodie got pissed because he wanted to ride in her car. So he starts throwing a fit. I drag him to my car and take away his melty chocolate (because the day before I had just washed their car seat covers - see previous post about dog poop) and he goes ballistic. So we're heading home, Maeve stinking up the car, Doodie throwing a hissy and we are 1 block from home, no shit, when Michaela shouts, "Mommy, I'm going to throw up, aaaahhhh!" And she does. Inside my car. This is a first for me. I guess I'm pretty lucky since i have a 7 year old and have never cleaned puke off of the inside of my car.

Anyway, I now am trying to get ahold of my husband, who is having a paid dinner and drinks at a bar. And not answering his cell phone. So, let's recap what I have going on now:

Maeve: poopy, way too tired, needs jammies and soon she'll be really pissed off that she can't sleep in Michaela's bed.
Michaela: pukey, fever of 103, tired, needs a bath and some Motrin.
Alasdair: way WAY too tired, screaming, needs jammies, clean diaper and his nightly concoction of a nutrition drink mixed with half and half.
Husband: MIA
Me: Sweaty, tired and hungry as it's 8:45 and i haven't had dinner yet.

So, I finally get the girls both in bed, Maeve screaming bloody murder, Alasdair in bed without his drink because he didn't want to drink it, he wanted to suck on a binky and hold the cup so I took it away. After much thrashing and head banging I just tossed him in his crib and shut the door. (i learned tonight that i apparently forgot to shut the light off, my husband turned it off when he came home and calmed Maeve down and checked on Doodie). I then went outside to cry my head off and clean up vomit from my car in the dark.

All i can say is that I am SO glad I have a sinus infection and can't smell a damn thing. My car smells like shit and puke, but it smells like nose rot to me!

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heathernkids said...

OH NO! :( I would agree, thank god for the sinus infection and smell-free nose!