Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Belated Post, but for a good reason!

Michaela: 1 #2 accident
Maeve: 1
Alasdair: 5

So, I didn't post last night because I had a horrendous day. Between a crappy day at work and a day full of crap at home, I pretty much lost it. As soon as dinner was over, I wiped the kids down, got them in their jammies and went shopping. I even missed all my shows on "Medical Tuesday". Yeah, it needs some alliteration there, but the shows are on Tuesday, not Monday. What can I say?

But it wasn't a good day in the diaper department. We finally got more Miralax last weekend and M's back on it. But then she has an accident? What's up with that?

And then Doodie has had some seriously weird colored and strange consistency poops, and a LOT of them. I'm kind of worried that his gut isn't doing well. But I don't see any of the red flags of enterocolitis, so I'll sit tight and see what happens with him.

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