Friday, November 14, 2008

Ha ha grandma!

Michaela: no accidents! (except 1 in the shower left over from last night!)
Maeve: at least 1
Alasdair: ?

So, yeah. Mike tells me today that when he got in the shower there was a turd by the drain with one of our bathtub cups turned upside down over it. Um, gross! But he had to clean it up, so ha ha!

And it was my day in the office today, so I'm not sure what the report is from the sitter, but tonight was Mike's "holiday" party at work so my mom came to watch the kids for us. She said that she changed the little ones' diapers before she put them to bed. She tucked in A, then tucked in the girls. But when she got to Maeve, BAM! Let's go change that diaper again! Classic. Glad it was you and not me! :D

But thanks for watching the kids, though. Really. Poopy diapers and all, they love you grandma!

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