Monday, November 24, 2008

Diapers, Yes! Diapers, No!

Michaela: 2 accidents yesterday, none today!
Maeve: 1 yesterday and 1 today
Alasdair: 1 yesterday and 1 today

Okay, I suck. I got off track, then back on it for 1 whole day, then off again. Ack. But I have a good excuse. I was at the NKOTB concert on Saturday and it was SO much better than poopy diapers. :D

Anyway, we got some reward charts and put them on the fridge. So we've (meaning I've) started handing out stickers every night for the things on their charts. One of Maeve's is using her potty and one of Michaela's is no accidents. We'll see how it goes.

So, I thought maybe I'd post some of my own opinions about brands of diapers and why I would or would not use them. Here goes!

Pros: They work! At least for some babies. We used them for a while, then had to switch because they started leaking, then we eventually switched back because the Huggies started leaking.
Cons: $$, don't sell them at Costco anymore.

Pros: They work! But see above. AND they sell them at Costco.
Cons: $$

Pros: Cheaper than the two leading brands. They used to be plastic lined like the diapers from the 70's, but they changed that a few years ago. In a money pinch, these are okay.
Cons: Barney is on them. They don't work as well as the other leading brands. The smell heavily of perfume.

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Pros: They work just as well as Pampers and Huggies. They sell them at Costco. They are cheaper than Pampers and Huggies.
Cons: Um, none! other than being a disposable diaper, I mean. :)

Store brands
Pros: They're usually much cheaper and you don't have to buy 600 of them at a time if you're just trying to get by for 2 days until you get to Costco next.
Cons: They don't work. They leak, bad. All of them. Just don't use them. Don't.

Nature Boy and Girl Diapers
Pros: Supposedly "Biodegradable", which is a myth anyway. BUT, they are made with cornstarch so they breath really well. And they're very slim, not bulky at all. We loved these diapers, but couldn't use them regularly. See below. They are a local company!
Cons: Freakin' expensive. Not sold at regular stores.

Pros: Keeps diapers out of landfills. Can be cheaper than disposables if you don't use a service (unless the service is paid for by grandma!) The diaper covers are super cute!
Cons: Uses up water resources. Messy to clean. Time consuming with all the extra laundry. Hard to travel with. Bulky on the baby's bum. Leak more at nighttime.

Anyway, these are just my own personal experiences with diapers. I am a woman of convenience and very little time, so cloth diapers just couldn't work economically for me. I've tried LOTS of different kinds of disposable diapers, and they are NOT all created equally. Take it from me!

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