Thursday, November 13, 2008

They saved it all for me!

Michaela: no accidents!
Maeve: 2
Alasdair: 1

So, technically it's my office day today. But I got a personal invitation to a very fancy Teddy Bear Picnic in my daughter's first grade classroom this afternoon, so I worked from home. But I did send the little ones to the sitter's house for about 4 hours. She came and got them before lunch and brought them home after she got her oldest from school. So I was with m & a for the morning with only one nasty to speak of. But when I went to the curb when they were getting dropped off, the sitter's like, "um, they both pooped. But I swear I just changed them before we left to get Chloe!!". ;) Wink wink. Yeah, they just like to save it up for me. Maeve's was a really nasty one too.

Tonight I made chili for dinner. We got the big container of milled flax seed from Costco a few weeks ago and cracked it open. I put 4 scoops of flax in our chili! It thickened it up nicely, although it did sort of have a strange sort of gooey consistency. But I'm expecting with the fiber from that and the chili beans that tomorrow will be a busy day in the diaper department. Sorry Tina! :D (it's my office day!)

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